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“How does your son read so well?”  This is a question my wife and I are often asked, and we’re starting to hear it about our other children as well.  In fact, it’s become expected of our children.  Our son, currently in the 4th grade, reads at a 9th grade level.  What is the secret?  What books do our children read?  How do we get our children to put away the Gameboy and sit down with a book?  How can you get your children to read, and what books should they be reading?

That’s the topic A Boy’s Library, and its sister website, A Girl’s Library (coming soon), were built to answer.  As parents of four children, two boys and two girls, we understand your concern that your children grow up to be readers.  That’s why I’ve created this website.  To help you to grow your children into the tremendous readers they should be.

But is reading important?  Read on to found out why we say “Yes!”